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At Brock Property Management Inc.(BPM) we continue to be guided by the same business philosophy that has made our company a recognized leader in the Greater  Toronto Area in property management and condominium administration.

Service, attention to detail and responsiveness to clients’ needs set BPM apart from other companies, offering property management in Toronto’s explosive condominium marketplace.

The principals of our company have four decades of experience in condo management for both domestic and international clients. It’s this business lineage that gives BPM  the edge when it comes to servicing the ever-changing needs of condominium owners.

At BPM we are proud of our reputation for property management excellence, effectively administrated by an experienced staff that makes attention to detail a way of life that we call the BPM difference.

Looking For Experienced and Expert Condo Management For Your Toronto-Area Property?

Brock Property Management takes the guesswork out of managing your condominium property thanks to our years of administrative, community, financial, and maintenance services.
With Brock Property Management You Can:
  • Partner with the premier Management Company in Toronto​
  • Benefit from our wide-ranging condominium experience
  • Protect your investment with comprehensive maintenance services
  • Ensure your compliance with all regulatory requirements
  • Experience our full financial and administration services
  • Leave the management duties to us!

A small townhouse company has different property management needs than a large high-rise condominium building. This fact may seem self-evident, but condo property management Toronto can vary in terms of needs and scope and a good management company should be able to adapt. Fortunately, for Brock Property Management, while the scope of services might be different for each client, the quality and integrity of those services does not.

Condominium Property Management In Toronto 

Toronto's Residents seek convenient locations and quality lifestyles, including desirable amenities and proximity to business, entertainment and cultural centres. They also want their high-rise condominium to provide sound maintenance programs and a caring service to maximize their property’s marketability and value.

With our track record of managing condominium communities throughout Ontario, we have the specialized experience and quality tools and resources to provide the property management services you’re looking for. Thanks to our experience, we understand the unique needs and desires of condominium residents and work hard to deliver on our service promise every day.

At Brock Property Management Inc., we believe that making a meaningful contribution to the Toronto community in which we operate is fundamental to the way we do business.

We are committed to realizing better energy efficiency and reduction in waste, water usage and carbon emissions through cost-effective improvement and operations, as well as the health and safety of all residents, employees and the community.

Green initiatives within our portfolio include:

  • energy reduction strategies – we are using energy audits to identify the equipment and processes that use energy in a wasteful manner;
  • water conservation
  • recycling program implementation; we develop effective source separation programs consistent with local recycling capabilities
  • environmental friendly cleaning materials
  • other sustainable operational best practices.

We research, advise and manage energy (gas and electricity supply) bulk purchase programs.

Making environmentally responsible decisions is an important part of how we manage real estates in Toronto. 

Condominium Management

Brock Property Management Inc. has become one of the leading condominium property management companies in Toronto by growing our services in tune with the changing demands of the marketplace. As the condominium market has experienced explosive growth, we have built our team of property managers and services to meet the increasing demand for dependable and skilled management.

Residential Management


Owning rental homes can be costly. The right property management company can make all the difference. For over 10 years, thousands of rental property owners and investors have trusted Brock Property Management to take care of their rental property.

We provide knowledge, experience, efficiency and good judgment to the administration of income-producing commercial properties, from all aspects of management. We take care of all details of the day-to-day management, including collecting rent,preparing budgets, improvements repairs and preventive maintenance.

Retail Management

Is More Than Just Sales

Retail managers oversee everything that makes a store work, from behind the scenes functions (such as buying, inventory, and merchandising) to the sales floor (such as sales and customer service). ... Hiring, managing and motivating a team to increase sales

What Our Customers Are Saying

We have very much enjoyed living here. The people who have lived in this building over the years have always been very neighbourly and considerate. And the building has always been very well maintained, very clean and very well run. Whenever something needed to be fixed, it was attended to quickly and efficiently.
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